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特殊用途压力机 Presses for particular purposes
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       The present invention relates to a method comprising: (i) feeding a slurry into the inlet of a press; (ii) removing liquid from the slurry as the slurry advances through a deliquifying section of the press, thereby producing a pressate stream; (iii) forming a plug of material as the slurry is advanced through a plug formation section of the press; (iv) advancing the plug of material to a discharge section of the press; and (v) removing additional liquid from the plug of material by operating the press so that the pressure in the discharge section of the press is greater than the pressure of the pressate stream by at least 2 psi. The present invention also relates to a method for controlling discharge consistency from a press, without provision of discharge restrictors, by varying the

       The present invention relates to compacting apparatus (10), comprising: a compression plate (12), a piston (16) having a surface (18) facing the compression plate, and a drive mechanism adapted to alternately move the piston towards and away from the compression plate such that an object may be compacted between the compression plate(12) and said surface of the piston (18), wherein the drive mechanism can be positioned inside or partly outside the piston (16). The present invention also relates to a reverse vending machine comprising such a compacting apparatus, use of such a compacting apparatus, and a method of compacting objects.

       A screw press has a cylindrical screening section mounted to a frame. The screening section is able to rotate but can be prevented from rotating. A sprayer system is operable to spray water on the screening section. In a cleaning process, the screening section is rotated while water is sprayed against it. Optionally, the power required to rotate the screen may be provided by an auger drive mechanism. The screening section may have openings sized to retain flocculated solids. The screw press may be used to thicken a sludge from a waste water treatment plant.

       Feed water is processed in an anaerobic digester. A solid-liquid separation device, for example a sludge screw thickener, treats a stream drawn from the digester in a recirculation loop. The solids portion is returned to the digester to increase the solids retention time and the TSS concentration in the digester. A liquid portion with less than 5% of the solids in the stream is removed and optionally treated further. The flow rate to the solid-liquid separation device is preferably greater than the influent flow rate. The solid-liquid separation device may receive digestate at a TSS concentration of 4% or more and return a solids portion having a TSS concentration of over 10%. The feed water is preferably one or more industrial waste streams having a COD concentration of 20,000 to 50,000

       Devices and methods are disclosed for processing waste paper media and other waste fibrous products to reduce their volume. The methods include disintegration and compression, in some embodiments transforming the waste into a highly dense, combustible solid, for example a cylinder which may be burnt as a log or readily stored or transported.

       A rendering method involves heating the animal protein and thereafter feeding the heated animal protein through a rendering screw press machine having an internal shaft assembly that includes a working portion with an overall compression ratio of greater than about 7 to 1, a first scroll flight section configured for decreasing cake thickness, followed by a first high compression cone section, followed by a stepped decompression section, followed by a second scroll flight section configured for decreasing cake thickness, followed by a second high compression cone section, followed by a straight collar section. Rotating the shaft assembly moves the heated animal protein through the machine such that liquid fat passes out through a barrel cage and substantially dried animal protein cake is

       Exemplary embodiments are directed to systems, methods, devices, and computer-readable media for forming a fiber panel. A system may include a feed section for unrolling a round bale of material. The system may further include a compression section for receiving material from the unrolled bale of material. The compression section may include a press configured to apply a force to the material and a plurality of pistons to apply another force to the material. Additionally, the system may include an adjustable cutting section including a saw and configured to cut the material to form a panel having a desired length.

       Apparatus for coupling a waste tank (15) to a compression device (9), which apparatus comprises coupling means (16, 17). The coupling means (16, 17) comprise a coupling device (16), which is arranged in the press device or in the proximity of it, which coupling device comprises and a drive device (19) for the screw means, and arranged in the waste tank (15) a countermeans (17) for the screw means (18) of the coupling device (16), in which case a coupling can be formed between the screw means of the coupling device and the countermeans of the waste tank.

       (EN)The invention relates to a screw press for separating liquids from a suspension, in particular a sludge or fibrous-material suspension, having at least one worm shaft (2) that rotates in a cylindrical casing (1), wherein the suspension is pressed through an annular gap (3) formed between the casing (1) and the worm shaft (2) from at least one inlet opening (4) to an outlet opening (9) and the casing (1) consists at least of a radially internal screen (5) and a radially external support body (6). In this case, high stability coupled with a weight of the support body (6) that is as low as possible is intended to be achieved without impairment of function in that the support body (6) is formed at least from a plurality of axially spaced-apart support rings (7) that are oriented perpendic

  10  WO2013053418
       (EN)The invention relates to a screw press (1) comprising a shaft (4) and a spiral helix (5) provided thereon, wherein the helix (5) goes over in the inlet region (2) of the screw press (1) into a freely projecting helix (8). It is principally characterized in that a tube (9) is provided in the inlet region (2) of the screw press (1). As a result, on the one hand the screen area can be increased greatly in size, on the other hand the co-rotation of the suspension with the shaft can be reduced or avoided.
(DE)Die Erfindung betrifft eine Schneckenpresse (1) mit einer Welle (4) und darauf angebrachter spiralförmigen Wendel (5), wobei die Wendel (5) im Einlassbereich (2) der Schneckenpresse (1) in eine frei auskragende Wendel (8) übergeht. Sie ist vornehmlich dadurch gekennzeichnet, dass

  11  WO2013042983
       (EN)The present invention relates to a compression device for preserving the concentration of a functional gas dissolved in a liquid within a flexible container. The compression device for preserving the concentration of a functional gas dissolved in a liquid within a flexible container according to the present invention comprises: a first plate-shaped compression plate; a second compression plate, which is arranged so as to be movable relative to the first compression plate, and which forms a space between the first compression plate and the second compression plate for accommodating a container; a plurality of guide bars, one end of each of which is fixed at the first compression plate and the other end of each of which penetrates through the second compression plate, such that the guid

  12  WO2013043051
       (EN)The invention relates to a device (1) for separating material into liquid and solid. The device comprises a housing (2) which is provided with an inlet (3) for the material, a first outlet (4) for the liquid and a second outlet (5) for the solid substance. Separating means (6) are arranged in the housing for separating the material. The device is provided with a first drive (8) for the separating means. The second outlet is provided with a head (10; 100) with opening (11; 111) of adjustable dimensions. The device is provided with measuring means for measuring one or more operational parameters of the first drive and a control device (30) for setting the dimensions of the opening on the basis of the measured values for the one or more operational parameters. The invention also relates

  13  WO2013037435
       (EN)The invention relates to a screw press separator (1) for separating solid constituents from the slurry containing solid and liquid constituents, comprising a screw press (30) for pressing out the slurry, a feeding apparatus (6) for introducing disinfectant into the pressed-out solid matter, and a mixer (3) for mixing the pressed-out solid matter with the disinfectant.
(DE)Pressschneckenseparator (1) zur Abscheidung fester Bestandteile aus der feste und flüssige Bestandteile enthaltenden Trübe, umfassend eine Pressschnecke (30) zum Auspressen der Trübe, eine Zuführvorrichtung (6) zum Einbringen von Desinfektionsmittel in den ausgepressten Feststoff, und einen Mischer (3) zum Vermischen des ausgepressten Feststoffs mit dem Desinfektionsmittel.
(FR)Séparateur à vis de pression (1

  14  WO2013030638
       (EN)Continuous pressing line comprising: a cylindrical chamber (120) with perforated wall, having a closed bottom (11) and an opposite open bottom with adjustable discharge opening; a piston (9) moved by an actuator (8) adapted to sealingly slide along the axis of said chamber (120) to be positioned in proximity of the closed bottom (11) or immediately outside the open bottom of the cylindrical chamber (120) to adjust the discharge opening; a variable displacement pump adapted to supply the product to be pressed to said container (1), through the closed bottom (11) thereof; a centralised control system adapted to control said actuator (8) of said piston (9) and said variable displacement pump.
(FR)L'invention porte sur une ligne de pression continue comprenant : une chambre cylindriqu

  15  WO2013019168
       (EN)A woody biomass baler having a baling chamber adapted to receive woody biomass material, a compression system adapted to compact the material into a rectangular bale in the chamber, and an ejection system adapted to move the bale from the chamber, wherein the baling chamber has a front wall consisting of a reciprocating compression platen corresponding in dimensions to the width W and height H of the bale, opposing upper and lower walls corresponding in dimensions to the length L and either of the W and H of the bale, and opposing sidewalls corresponding in dimensions to the L and the other of the W and H of the bale, wherein each chamber wall selected from among the upper wall, the lower wall, and each of the sidewalls can withstand a minimum distributed force perpendicular to the se

  16  WO2012171046
       (EN)In an extruder (1) comprising a worm shaft (4) mounted in a rotatable manner in mutually opposing frames (2, 3), which worm shaft (4) has a diameter that widens in a substantially conical manner between an inflow orifice (19) for crude liquid and a discharge orifice for dewatered material, and on which worm shaft (4) there is arranged at least one screw blade (9) that extends with a substantially uniform pitch, also arranged in the frame is a filter screen (11) which cylindrically surrounds the worm shaft (4) and has a multiplicity of filter orifices (12), wherein a cleaning device for the filter screen (11), said cleaning device having a plurality of cleaning nozzles, and also a funnel-shaped filtrate pan (13) arranged under the filter screen (11) are additionally arranged on the out

  17  WO2012162707
       (EN)A pressure inducing device 10 for pressurizing a substance is provided. The device 10 includes a body12, a pressure chamber 14 defined by the body 12 and an inlet 18 leading into the pressure chamber 14 through which inlet 18 a substance to be pressurized can be fed into the pressure chamber 14. A piston 22 is arranged to travel along the pressure chamber 14 to pressurize a substance in the pressure chamber 14. An outlet 20 leads from the pressure chamber 14. A blocking member 28 is arranged to open the outlet 20 after the substance has been pressurized in the pressure chamber 14 thereby to permit the pressurized substance to expel under pressure through the outlet 20 in response to opening the outlet 20.
(FR)L'invention porte sur un dispositif générateur de pression 10 destiné à

  18  WO2012158582
       (EN)A dewatering machine for reducing moisture of a polymer or an elastomer includes a generally solid barrel and a pair of screws disposed in the barrel. At least a portion of the screws are intermeshing, and drive means are coupled to the screws. At least one mechanical filter is connected to the barrel. The machine includes means that enable particles of the polymer or the elastomer to fuse, which reduces the amount of fines that escape from the machine. In addition, the machine reduces the moisture of the polymer from up to about 20 percent water by weight to less than about 0.5 percent water by weight, and the moisture of the elastomer from up to about 50 percent water by weight to less than about 3.0 percent water by weight. A method of dewatering for reducing the moisture of a poly

  19  WO2012146327
       (EN)The invention relates to a pressing screw (1) for a pressing screw separator for forming a solid plug from a slurry containing solid and liquid constituents, comprising a screw core (2) and at least one screw flight (3, 4), which proceeds helically around the screw core (2) from a beginning (5) of the pressing screw (1), designed for introducing the slurry, to a plug region (6) of the pressing screw (1), designed for forming the solid plug, wherein, at the plug region (6), at least in the last half of the last turn (7), the screw flight (3, 4) is designed at least partially as a plug pressing surface (8), and wherein the helix angle (γ) of the screw flight at the plug pressing surface is below 10°, in particular below 8°, in particular below 4°.
(DE)Die Erfindung betrifft eine Pre

  20  WO2012138047
       (EN)The present invention relates to an apparatus for manufacturing a metal scrap compression material and a manufacturing method thereof which compress collected metal scraps of various shapes and process the compressed metal scraps into a standard form so as to manufacture a metal scrap form capable of being directly inserted into a blast furnace. The apparatus for manufacturing the metal scrap compression material and the manufacturing method thereof enable efficient melting and forms a through-hole to observe the state of an inner layer, wherein the through-hole is formed in a metal scrap compression material manufacturing process.
(FR)La présente invention concerne un appareil permettant de fabriquer un matériau de compression de fragment métallique et son procédé de fabrication

  21  WO2012126584
       (EN)The invention relates to a press screw separator for separating solid components from a slurry comprising solid and liquid components, such as wastewater from municipal, industrial or agricultural operations, liquid manures et cetera, having a substantially cylindrically shaped screw assembly (2) comprising at least one screw coil (3), a substantially cylindrically shaped sieve basket (4) enclosing the screw assembly (2), a ring chamber formed between the inside of the sieve basket (4) and the screw assembly (2), a supply (7) for the slurry, a drain (8) for the watery components of the slurry, a solids outlet (20) for the solid components of the slurry, and a drive (13, 14, 15). In order to reduce the technical complexity of such a press screw separator, according to the invention the

  22  WO2012112002
       (EN)The present invention relates to an extrusion unit structure of a wheel die type solid fuel extrusion device, and more particularly to an extrusion unit structure of a wheel die type solid fuel extrusion device which can improve maintenance work and productivity and can reduce maintenance costs by quickly and simply changing and checking components abraded in an extrusion process for pressing and extruding waste to form solid fuel. The extrusion unit structure of the wheel die type solid fuel extrusion device of the present invention includes: an eccentric wheel which is rotated by applied power so as to perform an operation for pressing the waste; and a discharge die arranged along a circular track of the eccentric wheel, wherein the discharge die includes: a plurality of first disch

  23  WO2012101250
       (EN)The invention relates to a bale press (1) for compacted pressed bales (6) of fibrous material (7), in particular textile fibres. The bale press (1) has a pressing device (8) with a compression box (12) and a filling device (9) with two parallel filling strands (10, 11), which serve for filling the compression box (12) with fibrous material (7). The multi-strand filling device (9) and the pressing device (8) operate on a cyclical basis, wherein the compression box (12) is filled with multiple charges of fibrous material that are compacted individually or together.
(DE)Die Erfindung betrifft eine Ballenpresse (1) für verdichtete Pressballen (6) aus Fasermaterial (7), insbesondere Textilfasern. Die Ballenpresse (1) weist eine Presseinrichtung (8) mit einem Presskasten (12) und eine F

  24  WO2012101980
       (EN)A solid-liquid separation device includes a plurality of fixed members and movable members that are movably disposed between the adjacent fixed members, and moreover a screw extending through the fixed members and the movable members in a state where the screw is not in contact with the fixed members and the movable members. The screw is rotationally driven about a center axis line thereof. Following the rotation of the screw, an object to be treated that has penetrated into a solid-liquid separation portion demarcated by the fixed members and the movable members is caused to move toward an outlet of the solid-liquid separation portion, a filtrate separated from the object is discharged to the outside of the solid-liquid separation portion through filtrate discharge gaps between the f

  25  WO2012102493
       (EN)The present invention relates to a wheel dice type waste extruder, and more specifically, to a wheel dice type waste extruder that enables an easy repair operation and prior prevention of blocking in an extrusion hole for discharging solid fuels such as RDF or RPF. The present invention provides a wheel dice type waste extruder comprising: a ring-shaped dice having a plurality of extrusion holes formed radially thereon; an auxiliary dice that is coupled to the inner surface of the wheel dice in a detachable manner, and is equipped with extrusion holes that communicate with the extrusion holes of the wheel dice; and a wheel for letting the waste flow into the extrusion holes of the auxiliary dice by pressurizing the waste while rotating, when the waste is introduced to the inside of th

  26  WO2012102494
       (EN)The present invention relates to a wheel dies type waste extruder, and more specifically, to a wheel dies type waste extruder having an enhanced structure for swift repair operation. The present invention provides a wheel dies type waste extruder comprising: a cylinder-shaped transfer cylinder having formed on the outer circumference thereof a spiral-shaped blade for transferring waste; an auxiliary cylinder that is coupled to the front surface of the cylinder in a detachable manner, and has formed on the outer circumference thereof a spiral-shaped auxiliary blade that connects to the blade; a ring-shaped dies that is placed on the front of the auxiliary cylinder, and is equipped with a plurality of extrusion holes formed radially thereon; and a wheel that allows the waste to flow int

  27  WO2012099320
       (EN)The present invention relates to a method for manufacturing a metal scrap compression material. According to the method for manufacturing the metal scrap compression material, a through-hole is not punched after compressing the metal scrap compression material, but rather a through-hole is formed during the process of manufacturing the metal scrap compression material. Thus, even though the through-hole is formed in the metal scrap compression material which is compressed and formed so as to be highly dense, friction and stress applied to a core may be minimized to minimize the damage of the core and a failure occurrence rate.
(FR)La présente invention concerne un procédé de fabrication d'un matériau à base de résidus métalliques compactés. L'invention consiste à réaliser le trou

  28  WO2012095706
       (EN)An apparatus and a method for treating organic waste, like the waste that is eliminated in kitchens, foresee containing the waste (15) to be treated, grinding the waste, compacting the ground waste and exerting a squeezing action to remove residual liquids. A screw device (17) is foreseen which rotates inside a casing (18) around a longitudinal axis to convey and compact the ground waste against a closure (19) which moves during compacting. A solution for cleaning the apparatus is also foreseen to remove remaining any waste, when the apparatus needs to stay empty for longer periods of inactivity.
(FR)L'invention concerne un appareil et un procédé pour traiter les déchets organiques, comme les déchets qui sont éliminés dans les cuisines, qui sont prévus pour contenir les déchets (1

  29  WO2012062617
       (DE)Die Erfindung betrifft eine Förder- und/oder Presseinrichtung (14), insbesondere einer Ballenpresse oder eines Sammelbehälters (16), mit einer vorgeschalteten Zuführeinrichtung (1) mit einem Einfüllraum ( 2) für Pressgut (5), wobei der Boden (3) des Einfüllraums (2) in Form eines Zylindermantelabschnitts gebogen ist und in einem Übergabebereich (11) vor der Förder- und/oder Presseinrichtung (14) ansteigt, wobei im Einfüllraum (2) eine mittels eines Kraftantriebes hin und her verschwenkbare Fördereinrichtung vorgesehen ist, deren Schwenkachse (13) mit einer gedachten Mittelachse des Zylindermantelabschnitts zusammenfällt, und wobei an den Übergabebereich (11) anschließend eine drehantreibbare Rotorwalze (6) oder zwei parallele, gegensinnig drehantreibbare Rotorwalzen (6) zur weiteren F

  30  WO2012063051
       (EN)The present invention includes a packaging, carton and container compacting and storing module (1) comprising a receptacle (19). The module (1) also comprises a drive means (28) and a compacting means (27). The drive means (28) is operably connected to the compacting means (27), and, during a compacting operation, the drive means (28) drives the compacting means (27) into the receptacle (19).
(FR)La présente invention comprend un module de compactage et de stockage d'emballages, de cartons et de récipients contenant un réceptacle. Le module comprend aussi un moyen d'entraînement et un moyen de compactage. Le moyen d'entraînement est raccordé en fonctionnement au moyen de compactage et, lors d'une opération de compactage, le moyen d'entraînement introduit le moyen de compactage dan

  31  WO2012063052
       (EN)The present invention relates to an appliance module (61) having a chassis (62) and a casing (71, 74) carried by, and covering, the chassis (62), wherein the casing (71, 74) comprises a thermoplastics material.
(FR)La présente invention concerne un module d'appareils (61) comportant un châssis (62) et un carter (71, 74) supporté par le châssis (62) et le recouvrant, le carter (71, 74) comprenant un matériau thermoplastique.

  32  WO2012063053
       (EN)A can crushing and storing module has a chassis 2, a crushing unit 6 and a storage unit 8. The crushing unit 6 comprises a drawer 7, which is slidable into and out of the chassis 2, and a can crushing device 16 which is mounted in the drawer 7.
(FR)L'invention concerne un module d'écrasement et de stockage de canettes comprenant un châssis (2), une unité d'écrasement (6) et une unité de stockage (8). L'unité d'écrasement (6) comprend un tiroir (7) qui peut coulisser pour entrer et sortir du châssis (2) et un dispositif d'écrasement de canette (16) qui est monté dans le tiroir (7).

  33  WO2012063054
       (EN)The present invention relates to an adapted appliance which comprises means for adjusting the front finish (150), width, height and depth of an appliance for crushing and/or compacting recyclable waste materials, or for waste storage of such waste and glass.
(FR)La présente invention concerne un appareil adapté qui comprend des moyens d'ajustement de la finition de l'avant, de la largeur, de la hauteur et de la profondeur d'un appareil d'écrasement et/ou de compactage des déchets recyclables ou pour le stockage de ces déchets et du verre.

  34  WO2012057447
       (EN)The present invention relates to a scrap compactor and to an apparatus for manufacturing same. The apparatus for manufacturing scrap compactors includes a core by means of which a through-hole can be formed in a scrap compactor (S), improves the melting behavior of the scrap compactor by means of the through-hole (h), and also has the effect of preventing the deliberate misrepresentation of the weight of the contents of the scrap compactor carried out by inserting heavy substances into the scrap compactor instead of scrap.
(FR)La présente invention se rapporte à un compacteur de rebuts et à un appareil destiné à sa fabrication. L'appareil de fabrication de compacteurs de rebuts comprend une partie centrale à l'aide de laquelle un trou traversant peut être formé dans un compacteur

  35  WO2012039549
       (EN)The present disclosure relates to a compactor for pay-by-volume trash, which efficiently compacts general trash that is generated in large amounts mostly at convenience stores, shops, rest stops, playing fields, theaters, administrative centers of buildings, parks, beaches, and other locations. Thus, not only can each place of business be kept clean, more space be secured around each facility, bad odors be controlled, and the surroundings be kept tidy, but also, for the purpose of transporting trash to a processing facility from a national park that includes a clean area and that is not close to a trash-processing facility, the compactor reduces the volume of trash so as to enable the trash to be transported by a designated vehicle in order to significantly save on transportation cost

  36  WO2012040420
       (EN)Methods and apparatus for compacting trash are disclosed. A disclosed example trash compacting system includes a trash receptacle, a collection bin (320), a compaction bin (310) proximal to the collection bin (320), having a receiving opening to receive trash via the trash receptacle, and having an ejection opening through which compacted trash is ejected into the collection bin (320), and a compactor mechanism operatively coupled with the compaction bin (310) to compact the trash within the compaction bin (310).
(FR)L'invention porte sur des procédés et appareils pour le compactage des déchets. Un exemple de système de compactage des déchets décrit comprend un réceptacle à déchets, une benne de ramassage (320), une benne de compactage (310) proche de la benne de ramassage (320),

  37  WO2012034917
C.M.S. S.P.A.;
       (EN)The compactor comprises at least one robust transport screw, helix or spiral (16), which is inclined, of conical shape, downwardly converging, with a downwardly decreasing pitch, and is aligned axially with and fixed to the slow output shaft (117) of a reduction gear unit (17, 217, 317) located above and outside the inclined wall (301) of a loading hopper (1) which has an upper descending portion (101) with at least one hatch (2) for the introduction of the waste to be compacted and a discharge conduit (7) whose outlet opening is shut off by constriction means (8, 108, 208). The lower part (201) of the hopper (1) is shaped in the form of a funnel which is open outwards and is provided with drainage holes (9) and a base area (10) into which any liquid present in the waste tends to flow

  38  WO2012035475
       (EN)The present invention shows a container with a solid waste compacting system having hoisting means (1) for lifting the container with a loading arm of a waste collecting vehicle, or an equivalent hoisting device, the container having one or more garbage discharge openings (2) and a rear waste discharge door (3), and also one or more waste storage drums (4) for and a garbage compression mechanism or mechanisms (5) in each drum. The solar panels (7) of which the container is equipped supply electric energy to the electro-hydraulic compression mechanisms (5) and charge the electric energy accumulators. The system thus has a long operation autonomy and can additionally comprise generator assemblies or a wired connection to the electric grid.
(FR)La présente invention concerne un conte

  39  WO2012031766
       (DE)Die Erfindung betrifft eine Förderschnecke, insbesondere als Förderschnecke in einer Pressschneckenvorrichtung für zu trocknendes Gut, beispielsweise feuchten oder nassen Müll, bestehend aus einer drehbar in der Pressschneckenvorrichtung lagerbaren Welle und wenigstens einem Schneckenwendel, der auf der Welle vorgesehen ist, um das zu trocknende Gut in der Pressschnecke zu fördern. Die Erfindung zeichnet sich dadurch aus, dass der Schneckenwendel aus wenigstens zwei Elementen, wie z. B. aus einem Basiselement und wenigstens einem Abdeckelement gebildet ist und zumindest eines der Elemente des Schneckenwendels wechselbar bzw. abnehmbar ausgebildet ist.
(EN)The invention relates to a conveyor worm, in particular a conveyor worm in a pressure worm device for material to be dried, for

  40  WO2012032115
       (EN)The invention discloses an automatic door adapted for automatically sliding in opposite directions for respectively closing and opening access to a chamber, e.g. a chamber in a baler, said door is characterised in that it comprises an inner door, a cover, where said cover is at least partly covering said inner door and where said cover is displaced relative to said inner door at a distance in said sliding direction for closing access to said chamber, a flexible member connecting said inner door and said cover for obtaining said distance, and detecting means detecting when said distance between said inner door and said cover is decreased.
(FR)L'invention concerne une porte automatique conçu pour coulisser automatiquement dans des sens opposés pour fermer et ouvrir respectivement un

  41  WO2012030881
       (EN)Embodiments of the present invention provide a combination trash collection and compaction trolley that has a main front door with a trash door that provides access to an interior of the trolley so that trash can be front-loaded into the trash door, as well as an open top portion, which allows trash to be top-loaded into the open top portion.
(FR)La présente invention porte sur un chariot combiné collecteur et compacteur de déchets qui possède une porte avant principale ayant une porte à déchets qui donne accès à l'intérieur du chariot de sorte que les déchets puissent être chargés par l'avant dans la porte à déchets, ainsi qu'une partie supérieure ouverte qui permet de charger les déchets par le haut dans la partie supérieure ouverte.

  42  WO2012027484
       (EN)A wrapping system for plant material utilizes a first wrapping material dispenser disposed along a first upper periphery of a compacting chamber, and a second wrapping material dispenser opposite the first dispenser, for automatically dispensing sheets of wrapping material in overlapping relation over the chamber and plant material therein. The system includes apparatus for joining the overlapping sheets together. The system is automatically operable to dispense sheets of the material in overlapping relation over the chamber and join them for receiving a flow of the plant material thereon. Before or while the plant material is received, the sheets are further dispensed to move downwardly in the chamber to receive and wrap about the plant material. The system then dispenses opposite en

  43  WO2012019906
       (DE)Die Erfindung betrifft eine Presseinrichtung (1) eines Sammelbehälters (3), insbesondere eines Abfallsammelbehälters, der eine Beschickungsöffnung (30) zum Einfüllen von Pressgut (4) aufweist, wobei die Presseinrichtung (1) im Bereich der Beschickungsöffnung (30) an dem Sammelbehälter (3) angebracht oder anbringbar ist, wobei die Presseinrichtung (1) mindestens eine mit Förderzinken (11) besetzte, drehantreibbare Rotorwalze (10) aufweist, mittels deren Drehung Pressgut (4) von außerhalb des Sammelbehälters (3) durch die Beschickungsöffnung (30) in den Sammelbehälter (3) förderbar ist, wobei der Rotorwalze (10) behälterseitig ein Abstreifer (2) zugeordnet ist, mit dem Pressgut (4) von den Förderzinken (11) der Rotorwalze (10) abstreifbar ist und wobei die Presseinrichtung (1 wenigstens

  44  WO2012011883
       (EN)This method is similar to the classical continuous olive oil production system where the olive paste is pressed twice (hot press and cold press) to obtain extract extra-virgin and virgin olive oils with distinct taste and aroma. Within the process, washed and sorted olives are crushed, kneaded and screw-pressed under pressure via machines and without any manual interruption. It is a continuous process that is less labor-intensive and more hygienic.
(FR)Le présent procédé est similaire au système classique de production d'huile d'olive en continu dans lequel la pâte d'olive est pressée deux fois (pressage à chaud et pressage à froid) pour obtenir un extrait d'huile d'olive extra-vierge et d'huile d'olive vierge au goût et à l'arôme distincts. Dans la mise en œuvre du procédé, les o

  45  WO2012011884
       (EN)This production method brings together the advantages of the traditional press, the classical method yields two varieties of olive oil: extra-virgin and virgin olive oil. Both varieties have different qualities. However, the classical method is labor-intensive and the continuous decanter systems [that is less labor-intensive and more hygienic but yields only one type of product]. This method allows for the production of the two types of olive oils which are extra-virgin and virgin olive oil with distinct taste and aroma that can be attained via the classical system in a more hygienic and less labor-intensive way using screw presses.
(FR)Le procédé de production de l'invention intègre les avantages de la presse traditionnelle. Le procédé classique produit deux variétés d'huile d'ol

  46  WO2012004649
       (EN)An Archimedes screw plant (10) for separating slurry. The plant (10) comprises: - a tubular sifting device (11); - a slurry feeding device (31); - a device (21) for evacuating the liquid fraction; - a device (19, 22) for evacuating the substantially dry separated solid. The device (11) comprises an upper compaction chamber (19) of the separated solid where a solid plug of product is formed. In addition, the tubular sifting device (11) has an upper opening (22) being provided with an auxiliary contrast element (40) for forming said solid plug of product.
(FR)La présente invention se rapporte à une installation à vis d'Archimède (10) destinée à séparer une suspension. L'installation (10) comprend : - un dispositif de tamisage tubulaire (11) ; - un dispositif d'acheminement de suspen

  47  WO2012005616
       (EN)The object of the invention is an electric press for the compression of tobacco cut filler provided with at least one electric motor (1) and a control unit (2) driving a movable compressing element (3) by means of a drive train (4) characterised in that the compressing element (3) of the piston rod has an openwork design and is driven while keeping controllable driving torque.
(FR)La présente invention porte sur une presse électrique pour la compression de tabac haché, laquelle presse est équipée d'au moins un moteur électrique (1) et d'une unité de commande (2) qui actionne un élément de compression mobile (3) au moyen d'un train de transmission (4), et est caractérisée en ce que l'élément de compression (3) de la tige de piston présente un dessin ajouré et est entraîné tout en c

  48  WO2011142728
       The winding belt press for separating liquids from solid substances where pressing pressure is increased by gradual tensioning of freely wound coils of the press wires (2), between which the pressed medium (3) is sandwiched.

  49  WO2011139654
       Embodiments of the present invention relate generally to a mechanically movable wall for use in a trash compactor.

  50  WO2011139658
       Embodiments of the present invention relate generally to cylindrical trash compaction units that allow for application of increased compaction forces.

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